IN THE NEWS: Outpost Ice Arenas host virtual Easter egg hunt

Apr 13, 2020

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — More than 600 people participated in a virtual Easter egg hunt hosted by a local ice skating arena.

Outpost Ice Arenas held the hunt on their website and gave out prizes from the state’s junior hockey team, the New Mexico Ice Wolves.

“Well, we’re doing a lot of things to try and keep the community engaged,” said Outpost owner and NM Ice Wolves owner Stan Hubbard.

Like other sports leagues, the New Mexico Ice Wolves missed out on the last part of their inaugural season due to the coronavirus.

“The team, as an expansion team, didn’t do very well in the standings, finished certainly near the bottom of the league, but it made us all feel good when the league’s owners voted the New Mexico Ice Wolves the North American Hockey League organization of the year,” Hubbard said.

Hubbard said he remains hopeful.

“So, we’re doing something right down here in Albuquerque,” he said.

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